Sandeep Abraham

Director and DoP

Passionate Filmmaker from Switzerland.

Using Sony FS7, RED Scarlet Weapon (Dragon)

Hot wheels

The last two weeks was all about cars. And with cars I'm not talking about about the normal ones. I'm talking about Porsche, Jaguar, Mustangs... :D
We were doing the imagefilm for Zumbrunn. We had a full week 12h/day work, but it was a cool experience and had a lot of fun. Great work with the Crew (Kathrin, Tim, Thomas, Andy) and the cast! Looking forward to the editing part.

On sunday I was working as an actor in the new Mobility commercial with Joel, Oli, Sam, Sabrina, Christi and Nico. I was playing a garage worker, who's crashing a Porsche! Yeah you heard it right ^^ They made some stunning pictures. Check out the video as soon as it is online.

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