Sandeep Abraham

Director and DoP

Passionate Filmmaker from Switzerland.

Using Sony FS7, RED Scarlet Weapon (Dragon)

Next Chapter: A lot of news

Yeah I know. Sorry. I have to remember to write the stuffs going on down. Here are a lot of Updates:

REWAKE is finished :) It will be published soon. We're waiting with the public upload, because some festival won't accept already publicized videos.

CANON asked for a video with an own winter interpretation. It's already online and they loved it. A big thx to Kyau & Albert for letting me using their song "Down". You can watch the clip here:

JUNG VON MATT is one of the biggest agencies in Switzerland and Germany. They have big clients like Migros, Edeka and Mercedes. I am part of their team as freelancer for them :D

STARLIGHT EXPRESS is a a musical group, who are combining music with skating. I did a commercial for them, which will be shown on the banners in Germany.

SAJANA is a project by Bonni Kuruvilla. He wants to do a Bollywoodmovie here in Switzerland. For that he is currently making teasers and videos for his crowdfunding campaign. I will be joining his team as director for the upcoming new teaser, which will be shown soon.
By the way. He's also working on a new app, where creatives can find talents (dancers, actors...) more easier. You can find more informations on his website:

JOIZ. A TV channel in Switzerland, who are famous for their connectivity with the viewers via social media. I started today my first day there :)

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