Sandeep Abraham

Director and DoP

Passionate Filmmaker from Switzerland.

Using Sony FS7, RED Scarlet Weapon (Dragon)

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2nd at Best Short Film and 3rd at Best Photo

I was competing in the Indian art festival Kalamela for Best Short Film and Best Photography and won in both categories one prize :)
For the short film I made a documentary film, where 4 indians where talking about their experience growing up with two cultures. It was difficult, because everyone talked 1-2 hours about very interesting topics, but the film had to be max. 5 min long. So I had to take only those statements, which made sense with the storyline. I had no light equipment. Just used the sun and some aluminium foil.  The rest had to be corrected with the grading software DavinCI. ;)
The film will be soon online.

For the photography contest we had a couple of hours time to make a photo during the event and from the event. I met a little girl, who was preparing for her dance contest and took a photo of her. You can see my picture here:

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