Sandeep Abraham

Director and DoP

Passionate Filmmaker from Switzerland.

Using Sony FS7, RED Scarlet Weapon (Dragon)

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November and the upcoming two month are going to be pretty exciting.
Not only because of of the movie release of Star Wars and Batman v. Superman, I just submited my pitching for the BVB Dortmund, where I've worked with Marco Frei and Phil Jaycob from Zurich. Now we're waiting for their response.

I cancelled my order for the Ursa Mini. I was really excited about this camera, but after the big announcement of Nofilmschool and RED, I will most surely buy the Scarlet-W and already preordered it. I'm looking forward to work with this camera <3

Another year, another season. I will create another teaser video for IYO. The shootings will start this weekend. I've gathered a lot of football footages during my travels and am trying to edit something cool with all those footages :)

So much for this time :D

Big deals

Hey guys
Hope you're all doing well.

I love it, when I always can begin with "I've got some exciting new" :D
Number one is I've had an interview in june with Regio Aktuell, who just recently posted the interview online

Then I've also made the cover picture of "I'm a man" from the Spencer Davis Group single cover for TV sitcom Mad Men's new soundtrack album "Retrospective: The Music of Mad Men".

It was great to work with my childhood friend Hendrick aka. Mr. Smile for this project

Another project which is currently online on Facebook, Youtube and all those Google AD using websites is the 7sec animation for Dr.Dre's new album Compton.

Last but not least, I'm happy to announce that I might be doing a short spot for BVB Dortmund, the german football team, which will be shown in the first Round of the season in the end of January. I'm especially looking forward to this project and more updates will be coming soon.


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