Sandeep Abraham

Director and DoP

Passionate Filmmaker from Switzerland.

Using Sony FS7, RED Scarlet Weapon (Dragon)

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Growing faster, stronger, better

So how was life after joiz? Well it's sometimes funny how one closed door can open so much doors.
If I can be honest... when I started at joiz some of my filmmakerfriends asked me if I really want to work there? If this wouldn't be a step back for me? Even my teamleaders were sceptical that I would be overqualified and might get bored quickly. But the thing why I worked there and why I e.g. wrote my bachelor thesis about smartphone filmmaking is to improve the upcoming filmmaker-generation. Now that everyone can get easily access to good gear and cameras, the possibility is there that you can create great content. What I tried to tech my trainees is how you should deliver better footage than you expect them to be. Even if you do a simple survey on the streets. Imagine you have a f*** Arri with you and if the footage doesn't look like that, think what you can do better next time to get closer to the look. You're going to be impressed to see the improvement you're making.

So how did this help me now? I met now a dozen guys/girls, who appreciate the stuff they learned, who know what I expect and who I can rely on a set. My former joiz collegues are now working for other media / production companies, so the great thing is, we see each other more than expected and even though we're in different companies, manage to work together. Especially in this industry where a lot of - if I may say - old grumpy filmmakers are hating each other and all those young ones for stealing their's good to see that the younger ones try to support each other more.
But to the seniors out there. Don't get me wrong. I know how difficult it can be to conduct a business, but you need to stop relying on your high end equipment and start to be creative again. I know a lot of great senior filmmakers, who could kick ass in the industry, but somehow lost the passion and just do "their work".

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