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Growing faster, stronger, better

So how was life after joiz? Well it's sometimes funny how one closed door can open so much doors.
If I can be honest... when I started at joiz some of my filmmakerfriends asked me if I really want to work there? If this wouldn't be a step back for me? Even my teamleaders were sceptical that I would be overqualified and might get bored quickly. But the thing why I worked there and why I e.g. wrote my bachelor thesis about smartphone filmmaking is to improve the upcoming filmmaker-generation. Now that everyone can get easily access to good gear and cameras, the possibility is there that you can create great content. What I tried to tech my trainees is how you should deliver better footage than you expect them to be. Even if you do a simple survey on the streets. Imagine you have a f*** Arri with you and if the footage doesn't look like that, think what you can do better next time to get closer to the look. You're going to be impressed to see the improvement you're making.

So how did this help me now? I met now a dozen guys/girls, who appreciate the stuff they learned, who know what I expect and who I can rely on a set. My former joiz collegues are now working for other media / production companies, so the great thing is, we see each other more than expected and even though we're in different companies, manage to work together. Especially in this industry where a lot of - if I may say - old grumpy filmmakers are hating each other and all those young ones for stealing their's good to see that the younger ones try to support each other more.
But to the seniors out there. Don't get me wrong. I know how difficult it can be to conduct a business, but you need to stop relying on your high end equipment and start to be creative again. I know a lot of great senior filmmakers, who could kick ass in the industry, but somehow lost the passion and just do "their work".

End of joiz, a lot of Pitchings/music videos and upcoming projects.

Bye Bye joiz
yes, it's over with joiz. I had a great time there and met a lot of talented and fun people. But i'm pretty sure I will see some of my co-workers and all of those from my team in the Swiss media landscape again.

Ferrero Rocher
I just came back from a pitching presentation in Hamburg. They're looking for a commercial video for Ferrero Rocher. For those of you who do not know me, these golden balls are my favourite type of chocolate! This is why I am especially motivated to shoot something really badass :D

Music video shooting
I've been recently doing a lot of music video shooting like for Zebrano or JAS CRW. Recently we did something for a Swiss/German rapper, which will be out this winter. Here is the Behind the scenes video:

A couple of weeks ago I had a pitch ready for an Italian travel agency. They liked my idea and now it is taking part of the final selection :)
Here is the pitching video:

World Snow Festival
This winter I was working with Flo and Thomas from Duotones on a video project for Grindelwald Tourismus. People from around the world gathered together for a snow sculpture competition.


Other projects
If this isn't enough, there are more upcoming projects :) I did a video for the job search platform. Right now I'm in the postproduction phase.
Another project will be with my friend Eliad Lienhard from college. We're doing another short film, which he's currently writing and we'll be shooting it around January.
And last but not least I'm working with passionate actor Verena Kosheen for some projects. More infos coming soon.


Harley Davidson, Nivea, music videos, MoMo Festival, Rewake and more

Hey! Whats' up? Here are many things going on.

The Harley Davidson video went viral. We already reached over 50000 views, Harley Davidson (USA)  shared the video as well and will print an edition in their magazine about the clip

I'm also working with JVM for a commercial for Nivea Italia for their new Protecion line.

There are also a lot of music videos coming up. One will be with Olivier Walther for Kaplan and another clip for the Jas Crew with Marco Frei and Phil Jaycob.

On May 28th the Mobile Motion Film Festival will take place in Zurich. I'm one of the supporters of that festival and can recommend everyone to visit it :)

Rewake will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival :D

2 other upcoming projects are also international, but still under consideration. One is for Pearson and the other one for a travel agency.


November and the upcoming two month are going to be pretty exciting.
Not only because of of the movie release of Star Wars and Batman v. Superman, I just submited my pitching for the BVB Dortmund, where I've worked with Marco Frei and Phil Jaycob from Zurich. Now we're waiting for their response.

I cancelled my order for the Ursa Mini. I was really excited about this camera, but after the big announcement of Nofilmschool and RED, I will most surely buy the Scarlet-W and already preordered it. I'm looking forward to work with this camera <3

Another year, another season. I will create another teaser video for IYO. The shootings will start this weekend. I've gathered a lot of football footages during my travels and am trying to edit something cool with all those footages :)

So much for this time :D

Big deals

Hey guys
Hope you're all doing well.

I love it, when I always can begin with "I've got some exciting new" :D
Number one is I've had an interview in june with Regio Aktuell, who just recently posted the interview online

Then I've also made the cover picture of "I'm a man" from the Spencer Davis Group single cover for TV sitcom Mad Men's new soundtrack album "Retrospective: The Music of Mad Men".

It was great to work with my childhood friend Hendrick aka. Mr. Smile for this project

Another project which is currently online on Facebook, Youtube and all those Google AD using websites is the 7sec animation for Dr.Dre's new album Compton.

Last but not least, I'm happy to announce that I might be doing a short spot for BVB Dortmund, the german football team, which will be shown in the first Round of the season in the end of January. I'm especially looking forward to this project and more updates will be coming soon.


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