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Director and DoP

Passionate Filmmaker from Switzerland.

Using Sony FS7, RED Scarlet Weapon (Dragon)

Next Chapter: A lot of news

Yeah I know. Sorry. I have to remember to write the stuffs going on down. Here are a lot of Updates:

REWAKE is finished :) It will be published soon. We're waiting with the public upload, because some festival won't accept already publicized videos.

CANON asked for a video with an own winter interpretation. It's already online and they loved it. A big thx to Kyau & Albert for letting me using their song "Down". You can watch the clip here:

JUNG VON MATT is one of the biggest agencies in Switzerland and Germany. They have big clients like Migros, Edeka and Mercedes. I am part of their team as freelancer for them :D

STARLIGHT EXPRESS is a a musical group, who are combining music with skating. I did a commercial for them, which will be shown on the banners in Germany.

SAJANA is a project by Bonni Kuruvilla. He wants to do a Bollywoodmovie here in Switzerland. For that he is currently making teasers and videos for his crowdfunding campaign. I will be joining his team as director for the upcoming new teaser, which will be shown soon.
By the way. He's also working on a new app, where creatives can find talents (dancers, actors...) more easier. You can find more informations on his website:

JOIZ. A TV channel in Switzerland, who are famous for their connectivity with the viewers via social media. I started today my first day there :)

New projects coming

I received several several jobs for this month.

One would be a fashion video with Arina Leto in cooperation with Canon. She is a friend of Marta Solnic, who was part of the musicclip from Waltercallsambulance which I did. This is going to be filmed this weekend.

Second is a commercial clip for Philadelphia, which should be aired in the middle of september. This will be the first project since almost 2 years I'll be working again with Eliad Lienhardt :)

Third is a crowdfunding project, which will lead to a big Bollywood Production. We already filmed the teaser at Kaufleuten Zürich

Rewake gets support by Basel Kultur and GGG

Rewake is about to be finalised. There are only a few corrections to make.
Now we've also received financial support from GGG Kulturkick and from Basel Abteilung Kultur.

I want to thank them for believing in us and everyone who's supporting us as well :) The behind the scenes video should be uploaded soon as well :D

LG, Max Chilton, CYP

So far so good! Many projects going on :)
One think would be Rewake, where our talented musician Michael Künstle is composing right now the music for us :)
Secondly, I recently won the "Heimat" contest from Photoadventure (don't know which place yet, but between 1st and 40th) out of 3000 participants from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The price will be given in the middle of June.
Third was a pitching invitation 150 people including me received for LGs G Flex online campaign. Unfortunately I didn't won, but received great responses from LG and got in the finals under the Top 15 :)
Forth was another pitching for a Logo design. This one is for the F1 racer Max Chilton and is still on discussion :)
I did also some animationvideos for some companies...Man I love the possibilities After Effects gives, but it's a lot of work (especially 3D).
And last but not least, I've been selected as a part from CYPs film judges to select the best young talent film from CYPs students. Was fun to meet all those interesting people :)

Terminator feat. Police shooting

We finished shootingthe scenes for the Terminator Genesys feat. Police trailer.
Next to me is the director Joel Cartier and Antira Herrmann, who's working for Joel. Those guys behind us are Oli and Sam, who were also part of our I AM crew, the movie we shoot in india :D
Always a pleasure to work with this crew :)
Now it' s time for the post. The clip should be online in the next couple of weeks


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